Two Women Sexually Assault a Transgender Woman

Wake City- County Bureau of Identification

Amber Harrell and Jessica Fowler were arrested and charged with sexually assaulting a transgender woman at a bar in North Carolina.

 The woman was checking her hair and makeup in the bathroom when the two women began harassing, groping, and exposing themselves to her, according to the New York Times. They went back into the bar where a bartender could see she was uncomfortable.

“[The bartender] could see I was visibly uncomfortable. She asked the girl two times to stop. It was so uncomfortable because I went through a rape last year,” the woman said.

The director of the company that owns the bar where the incident took place said they tried to make sure she was OK.

“Once they came out of the restroom and it was made clear of what was happening, we immediately stepped in to stop the situation and make sure she was O.K.”

She ended up having a panic attack. Harrell was released on a $50,000 bail, and Fowler was released on a $30,000 bail.