The TSA wants to do better by transgender airline passengers.

Transportation Security Administration officials told The Advocate that they are improving both training and standard protocol for agents who encounter transgender individuals. Most importantly, they’ll stop calling it an “anomaly” when there are perceived gender inconsistencies visible when a person goes through the body scanner.

They haven’t decided yet what to call a discrepancy that requires additional screening, reports The Advocate, but say they’re working with transgender advocates to come up with a solution.

These discussions come after a transgender woman was held at Orlando International Airport and live-tweeted her travel nightmare, from her first missed flight to the time she spent in custody to the difficulties she had rebooking her flight.

While the TSA works it out, a spokeswoman told The Advocate nervous transgender passengers should call (855) 787-2227 to inform TSA of their travel plans, identify themselves as trans, and ask to notify staff working at security checkpoints about their identity before arriving at the airport.