If you need to locate where gay conservative group Log Cabin Republicans set "the bar" to approve President Trump on LGBT issues, look no further than the floor. It's that low.

Twenty-two days into Pride Month and President Donald Trump finally mentioned the word "gay." The news was heralded on social media by gay conservative group Log Cabin Republicans.

While most LGBT groups were reviewing the recently unveiled GOP health plan over concerns that cuts to Medicaid will adversely affect those living with HIV/AIDS, the gay conservatives at Log Cabin Republicans were busy lauding President Trump for mentioning "the gays" for the first time publicly during Pride Month.

Trump's comment was made during a rally in Iowa where the president was blasting former President Obama.

"Isn't it amazing," Trump said "[Obama] can deal with Iran. You talk about bad... The gays, the women, bad to everyone ... brutal. I deal with anybody and it's like 'Donald Trump is a terrible human being.'"

The 35 second clip was uploaded to Facebook by Log Cabin Republican organizations and heralded with the following post.

"President Donald J. Trump mentions the gay community in his Cedar Rapids, Iowa speech last night."

Log Cabin Republicans of Orange County chimed in with "File under 'things the media will never tell you' and 'things Gay, Inc don't want you to hear'"

Early this month, Trump broke with an eight-year tradition of proclaiming June "National LGBT Pride Month." Instead, the president issued five separate proclamations, choosing June to honor Caribbean-American heritage, African-American music, homeownership, the outdoors and the ocean.