Trump Dating Site Featured Child Sex Offender

A Miami Beach dating website that wants to help Trump supporters find their perfect match is facing backlash for placing a convicted child sex offender as one of their models.

Trump.Dating, only allows straight people on their site, previously had an authentic pro-Trump couple from North Carolina, Jodi Riddleberger and William Barrett Riddleberger, posing on their homepage.

However, according to the Washington Post, the couple’s photo was removed when News & Observer reported that Riddleberge has a 1995 conviction for “indecent liberties with a child.”

Riddleberg, according to the Greensboro News & Record, was accused of videotaping himself having sex with a 15-year-old when he was 25.

As of Tuesday, the dating site now features a different middle-aged couple. Trump.Dating spokesman Sean McGrossler told the Washington Post in a statement that the previous couple does not reflect their image.

“The couple’s history was not revealed to us in anyway beforehand or while the photo was live on the site,” McGrossler said. “They are not spokesmodels. They are not spokespersons. They no longer represent the Trump.Dating image.”

This news comes after the controversy of having users only being able to select “Straight Male,” or “Straight Woman,” on the site, implying that you can’t be pro-Trump and LGBT simultaneously.

The site’s premise, according to the news release of its launch this month, is that “Users can rest assured every person they are talking to is behind the president, with red, white, and blue blood that flows for America each and every day.”

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