A Minnesota man’s discrimination case was resurrected after another court threw out the charges earlier this year.

Paul Bray said that allegedly Starbucks employees in Eden Prairie and Edina had treated him differently due to his transition, according to PinkNews. Bray claims workers at both locations changed how they served him after he revealed he was transgender, including one employee allegedly saying he was “not a real man.”

Bray later sued the company in 2014. According to PinkNews, Bray claims that Starbucks is a public place and that the employees violated state laws with their treatment of him.

Bray had his case thrown out in Hennepin County District Court earlier in 2017 because the court claimed he did not have enough evidence to prove the discrimination, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune. But Judge Michelle Larkin said that the coffee chain has to explain their employees' actions.

“There is a genuine issue of material fact regarding whether Starbucks discriminated against Bray because he was transgender,” Larkin wrote in her ruling.