On a day that is supposed to be celebrated with friends and family, Rayanna Pardo’s family will always remember St. Patrick’s Day as a day of tragedy. 

Pardo, a trans woman of color, was 26 when she was hit by a car while trying to get away from people harassing her, according to what her family told CBS Los Angeles. A security video shows Pardo walking down Eastern Avenue in LA, California right before a car hit her.

Because of this, her family said her death should be investigated as a murder and hate crime, and to see whether she was pushed or ran into the street to get away from the pursuers.

“I can’t even sleep,” Rayanna’s mother, Monica Pardo, told CBS Los Angeles. “Every time I close my eyes, I just picture [her] getting hit by a car, and so I stay awake.”

Pardo’s family said that she endured “repeated harassment and insults” while trying to live her life authentically as a trans woman of color.

“Everybody should just love everybody,” said Armando Rangel, Jr., the victim’s brother, to CBS Los Angeles. “At the end of the day that’s all we have is one another.”

Pardo was honored in East LA March 20 with a candlelight vigil at night. CBS Los Angeles reported that family and friends have gathered every night at the same location since her death.

Both Pardo and Diamond Sanders, a Black trans woman, have died in March. The Human Rights Campaign reported that at least 44 transgender people have died in 2020.