Amy Schneider, a transgender woman, has won “Jeopardy!” 28 times in a row, making her the highest-earning woman in the show’s history.

Schneider’s winnings have reached $1,019,600.

“I’ve been watching the show since I was a kid,” Schneider said, LGBTQ Nation reported. “I’ve watched all the people on this list [of top winners], and to see my name up with them is a very good feeling.”

Larissa Kelly, the previous record holder, praised Schneider’s victory.

"Well, it was fun to hold a ‘Jeopardy’ record for a few years ... but it's been even more fun to watch @Jeopardamy set new standards for excellence, on the show and off," Kelly tweeted. "Congratulations to Amy on becoming the woman with the highest overall earnings in the show's history!"

Nick Adams, the director of Transgender Representation for GLAAD, said in a statement that Schneider’s success is also a victory for the trans community.

“Amy Schneider’s incredible run on ‘Jeopardy!’ allows families all over the country to get to know her as someone who is great at word puzzles, has in-depth knowledge on a range of topics, and who also happens to be a transgender woman,” Adams said, according to LGBTQ Nation. “Amy is using her history-making appearances and a new platform to raise awareness of transgender issues and share a bit of her personal story too. We can’t wait to see how long her run lasts.”

Schneider started receiving recognition when she became the new champion during Trans Awareness Week in November.

“It’s a strange thing to think that I have made history as the first trans person to qualify for the Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions,” she wrote in an editorial in Newsweek. “It was inspirational for me to see transgender contestants on the show before I became a contestant and I hope that I am now doing that same thing for all the other trans ‘Jeopardy!’ fans out there.”

Schneider has worn a pin of the transgender flag for a number of episodes. However, for potential copyright reasons, she had to cover up a tattoo that honors her trans identity, Newsweek reported.

"My tattoo is indeed of Ozma of Oz. For those who don't know, L. Frank Baum wrote many sequels to ‘The Wizard of Oz,’ and in all of them the ruler of Oz was Princess Ozma. She had been the rightful heir, but was kidnapped as a baby by a sorceress, who enchanted her to become a boy," Schneider wrote in a tweet.

"Eventually, the enchantment is lifted, and she is revealed to be the beautiful princess she always was. So it seemed like the perfect image to commemorate my transition!"