In 2022, nine trans people were already killed three months in. Amariey Lei and Duval Princess were killed in January, and Matthew Angelo Spampinato, Naomie Skinner, Cypress Ramos, and Paloma Vazquez were all killed in February.

Tatiana Labelle, Kathryn Newhouse, and Kenyatta Webster join the list of deaths, for they were killed last month.

Last year, there were 55 deaths according to the Human Rights Campaign.

Paloma Vazquez, 29

Vazquez, being a trans Latina herself, was a member of the Organización Latina de Trans en Texas, an organization for Latina trans women based in Houston. According to friends, there’s a lot of transphobia in Latin America.

"As most trans women who are here from Latina America, they are here because they are scared of being killed in their own country," Gia Pacheco told ABC13 Houston.

"They come here for refuge and to better their lives and have a future here," another friend, Valentin Terrazas, added.

Despite immigrating to the United States only six months ago, Vazquez was still shot and killed in her own home Feb. 26. Police said she was shot twice and that they are still looking for the shooter, ABC13 Houston reported.

Friends set up candles, flags and posters in front of the Houston City Hall to honor her.

"We exist. We pay taxes. We pay bills. We built this country too, the transgender people, and we need respect," Tayze Duarte, a friend, said.

Tatiana Labelle, 33

Labelle, a Black trans woman, was a huge fan of Mariah Carey and Patti Labelle and was loved by her family and friends, according to HRC.

So that’s why Labelle’s family was heartbroken when her body was found in a garbage bin five days after she was reported missing in Chicago.

"It is heartbreaking for someone to beat her to death and throw her in the trash like she was garbage," her sister, Shameika Thomas, told ABC7 Chicago.

Thomas said that she loved her sister whether she was trans or not, and want justice for her murder.

After Labelle was found dead, people began leading patrols so that women could feel safe again.

"The way in which she was brutally murdered, it's so heinous that there is no way we can reactively just say something. We have to become more proactive," Dr. LaShawn Littrice of Black Women of Faith told ABC7 Chicago.

Neighbors gave Chicago police a security video but no arrests have been made yet.

Kathryn “Katie” Newhouse, 19

Kathryn, an autistic Asian-American trans woman in Georgia, was struggling with her mental health and lived in a violent household before her death. According to 11 Alive, both she and her father, Howard, were arrested in 2019 after Howard hurt Kathryn by “holding her down on a bed by her throat.” Neither were prosecuted.

The violence became worse on March 19 when her father shot her and then died by suicide. Although the mother was home at the time of the shooting, she wasn’t injured. It’s not clear what led up to the incident.

The PGH Lesbian Correspondance wrote about how Kathryn was a video game enthusiast, an advocate for trans rights, had a bright smile, and enjoyed changing her hairstyles. She also enjoyed hiking and sightseeing, and was proud of her AAPI heritage.

The PGH Lesbian Correspondance was appalled by the comparison and wrote, “Equating a grown man holding a teenage girl on her bed by her throat with a teenage girl knocking a glass out of his hand as comparable examples of domestic violence is appalling.”

Kenyatta “Kesha” Webster, 24

Webster, a Black trans woman, had just turned 24 in February before she was killed March 26 in Mississippi. To celebrate her life, friends and family held a vigil April 1 where more than a hundred people showed up, according to WLBT.

Those who were close to Webster said they were “shocked and heartbroken” by her death.

”Everybody share it all on Facebook,” said Kenyatta’s mom, Sharon Taylor. “All over Facebook. Let it go out, because I want justice for my baby. Because she was loved. She had plenty of love. She didn’t deserve that. She ain’t no dog, no rag or dirt. She’s gonna get justice.”

Police have not released any information about Webster’s death.