The number of trans or non-binary people killed this year keeps rising as the total reaches 19.

In 2021, 55 of them were killed according to the Human Rights Campaign.

Ray Muscat and Nedra Sequence Morris were killed in May. However, later investigations revealed that Sasha Mason and Chanelika Y’Ella Dior Hemingway were also killed in May, while Brazil Johnson, Shawmaynè Giselle Marie, and Kitty Monroe were killed in June.

Sasha Mason, 45

Sasha Mason, a 45-year-old Latina trans woman, was loved by her family.

“She was too good for this world and now we lay her down to rest with her loved ones in heaven,” a friend wrote on Facebook, according to

Mason was shot and killed in a robbery on May 13 in Zebulon, North Carolina. According to CBS 17, two suspects have been charged with the crime and appeared to have targeted Mason.

A funeral was held on May 21 with a dress code of only “pure bright and fun colors” clothing allowed because that was Mason’s “personality,” MSN reported.

Chanelika Y’Ella Dior Hemingway, 30

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Chanelika Y’Ella Dior Hemingway was a light in every room she entered according to HRC. Her mother, Jackie Powell, said Hemingway was “proud of who she was” and so was she.

“I wake up every morning crying, like, ‘Who took my baby away from me? Why would you do that? Oh, God, why?’” Powell told Spectrum Local News.

Hemingway was a 30-year-old Black trans woman who was killed in New York on May 31. The police have not released any information regarding her death.

Brazil Johnson, 28

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A passionate LGBT activist and talented chef, Brazil Johnson was a beloved daughter, according to HRC. After she was shot and killed on June 15 in Wisconsin, the Black Rose Initiative, along with family, held a vigil to honor her memory.

"Brazil was a very free spirit, very fun-loving, believed in herself, believed in others when they didn't believe in themselves," Bernitha Gildart, Johnson's mother, told Fox6Now.

Because Johnson was a Black trans woman, Gildart believes that’s why she was killed.

"For those many wounds and for someone to be disfigured like that, it was definitely a hate crime," Gildart said. "Someone was very angry."

The Black Rose Initiative, which is a coalition of Black trans leaders in the Wisconsin area, thinks Johnson’s murder is a part of the discrimination issue in Milwaukee, according to Fox6Now.

"You don't have to hurt me. You don't have to hurt my friend. If you're not with it, just leave it alone," said Ananna Sellers of the Black Rose Initiative.

Her killer is still on the loose.

"Put the guns down. It's not necessary," Gildart said. "We can all coexist. This world is big enough for everyone."

Shawmaynè Giselle Marie, 27

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Shawmaynè Giselle Marie, a Black trans woman, was a medical professional who was scheduled to begin work as a traveling CNA a week before she was shot and killed in Mississippi on June 21.

“Everything she did was to better herself and her family,” her obituary reads.

Her 14-year-old sister was also shot but survived.

Makhari Seven Gasaway, 20, was arrested and charged with murder and assault, allegedly shooting both women during an argument, according to

“No one could change or alter the confidence that burned inside her. No one could dim the light she was born to keep bright,” Marie’s family wrote in her obituary.

A GoFundMe was created to raise money for Marie’s funeral costs.

Kitty Monroe

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Kitty Monroe, a Black trans woman, was a loving mom to her four small dogs, according to HRC.

“Kitty was a beautiful person; her energy was always light and fun,” Jasmine Tasaki, founder and executive director of WeCareTN, said in a press release. “Her family and friends will miss her. I hope we will hold closer to each other in this dark time. Memphis has lost another beautiful person, but we’ve gained an angel.”

Monroe was shot and killed on June 29 in Tennessee during a domestic dispute with Samuel Ward Jr., according to ABC24. He was charged with voluntary manslaughter.

“Kitty Monroe should still be alive today to spend time with her beloved friends and four dogs,” said Tori Cooper, director of community engagement for HRC’s Transgender Justice Initiative.

Below are the other transgender or non-conforming people killed this year:

January: Amariey Lei and Duval Princess.

February: Matthew Angelo Spampinato, Naomie Skinner, Cypress Ramos, and Paloma Vazquez.

March: Tatiana Labelle, Kathryn Newhouse, and Kenyatta Webster.

April: Miia Love Parker, Ariyanna Mitchell, and Fern Feather.

All photos are from the Human Rights Campaign.