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There seems to be a day for everything. And today we’re celebrating LGBTQ Center Awareness Day.

“Every day (well, most I'm overwhelmingly grateful for The Pride Center. It connects our community. Carol Moran always calls The Center 'the kitchen of the community — everybody gathers there.' And what motivates me to shake off my sleepiness and jump out of bed each morning are the people — staff, volunteers, clients, Board, participants, visitors, donors, colleagues and group members,” wrote COO Kristofer Fegenbush of the Pride Center on Facebook. “They challenge me, inspire me, sharpen me, teach me, humble me, encourage me, frustrate me, shape me, help me and empower me. Happy Center Awareness Day!”

Compass, the LGBT Center in Lake Worth, is encouraging folks to help spread the word about their organization asking “This week, if you think of someone who could benefit from knowing about Compass and the services we provide, tell them about us.”

LGBTQ Center Awareness Day was started by CenterLink: The Community of LGBT Centers, which is based in Fort Lauderdale.

“LGBTQ Center Awareness Day is an annual day of awareness promoting the vital services offered by community centers and the central role they play in local communities,” reads their website. “On October 19 (every year), CenterLink holds “LGBT Center Awareness Day”, a national day of action focused on awareness around the work of LGBT community centers everywhere. The day was planned to help bring national attention to the Community Center Movement within the LGBT movement, which serves over 40,000 people weekly, and highlight the ways that people can get involved or utilize their local centers.”