Three LGBT People Among Pulitzer Winners

Journalist Ronan Farrow, novelist Andrew Sean Greer and poet Frank Bidart.

A trio of LGBT people was included among the pool of Pulitzer Prize winners announced this week.

Journalist Ronan Farrow, novelist Andrew Sean Greer and poet Frank Bidart all received awards in their respective fields, according to PinkNews. The awards, named after newspaper publisher Joseph Pulitzer, are awarded in 14 journalism categories as well as seven letters, drama and music categories every year.

Farrow, who “identifies as part of the LGBT community” and works for the New Yorker, was part of a team that won for his investigative work against the movie producer Harvey Weinstein. The New York Times also won an award as a joint part of the reporting, according to PinkNews.

“Grateful for every brave source, for Jodi and Megan, and for a tireless @NewYorker team that stood by this story when others tried to bury it,” Farrow tweeted on April 15. “This moment gets called a reckoning, but we just started telling the truth about old abuses of power. Thanks to all who keep doing so.”

Greer, who identifies as gay, won for his novel “Less.” The book centers around a novelist whose longtime boyfriend announces their engagement to someone else, leading the character to take an adventure around the world, according to the author’s website.

“OMG I won the Pulitzer Prize,” Greer tweeted. “Nobody is more surprised than I am! I was working at my job here Italy and had just persuaded a dog to let me put her into polka dot pajamas (not my dog) when I heard the news.”

Bidart, a gay poet, won for his compiled works titled Half-light: Collected Poems 1965-2016.