A New Zealand goose was buried with his partner of almost 18 years after dying in early February.

Thomas, a blind goose who had both male and female partners, had his death announced by the Wellington Bird Rehabilitation Trust in a Facebook post on Feb. 5. Thomas raised 68 hatchlings with swans Henry and Henrietta, according to PinkNews. He will be buried with Henry.

“Thomas, in his almost 40 years of life, made an impact on many people and their lives,” the Trust wrote on Facebook. “While we have cared for, loved and cherished him in recent years, Thomas originally befriended and made a name for himself with the lovely residents of the Waimanu Lagoon in Waikanae who watched over him for more than 25 + years.”

Thomas was previously partners with Henry before he left Thomas for Henrietta, according to the post. When Henry died in 2009, Thomas notably was distraught and would cry out of his enclosure.

The Trust later made Thomas their profile picture on Facebook.