UPDATE: Over 900 Reports of Harassment Since Election

UPDATE: The Southern Poverty Law Center reported on Tuesday that their numbers have reached nearly 900 reported hate incidence within the 10 days after the election.

For many minorities, the end of the recent presidential election became the beginning of increased harassment and intimidation. The Southern Poverty Law Center collected 437 (now nearly 900) reports of such incidents between Nov. 9 and 14.

“My boyfriend and I were walking down the sidewalk in Raleigh, North Carolina,” an anonymous gay man explains. “It was 9:30 PM, and we were holding hands and walking to a restaurant for dinner. A white car passed us and a white male in the back passenger-side seat leaned out the window and yelled, ‘Fucking faggots!’ at us.”

Cases like this sprouted across the country following the victory of Donald Trump as the next president of the United States. SPLC claims that a large number of incidents are directly connected to the Trump campaign in some way.

“I was walking my baby at my neighborhood park and a truck drove by with a male driving and a female passenger,” said a Latinx woman in Texas. “The female yelled ‘white power’ at us as they drove by and then sped away.”

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SPLC acquired reports through news and social media outlets as well as submissions to their own website. Many, but not all, reports were followed up to confirm.

Reports show that the majority of the harassment and intimidation were anti-immigrant or anti-black in nature. Over 40 reported cases were confirmed to be anti-LGBT harassment and intimidation.

Schools K-12, businesses and universities had the highest number of incidents. Reports also confirm that the incidents are dropping over time.

California had the highest number of hateful harassment and intimidation at 51, followed by Texas at 30. Florida had 23 reported cases.

To report a hate incident, visit SPLCenter.org/ReportHate.

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