Pat Robertson continued to lay claim as the sole person allowed to misinterpret both the Bible and the United States Constitution Monday.

Robertson responded to a viewer seeking advice in responding to a newspaper letter than used a biblical verse to support the Supreme Court's decision that struck down bans on gay marriage. He is claiming that the high court's ruling only pertains to the "couple of people" involved in Obergefell v Hodges.

A viewer wrote in:

I recently saw a letter written to the editor of our local newspaper by a young college student. He claims that Romans 13:1-4 clearly supports the Supreme Court gay marriage decision! He writes: 'Since the Bible says that the government is from God, therefore everyone must submit to the government! Even Christians! These verses will not only shut up the bigots, but will settle this argument once and for all!' [...] I want to respond, but how do I reply in a benevolent manner where I can show and correct him without sounding malicious or condescending?..

Robertson's advice for the viewer's response was condescending and far from benevolent.

"You say 'he's wrong,'" Robertson advised. "That's how you start. You can't have people misinterpreting the Bible."

Robertson then went on to misinterpret the United States Constitution and the function of judicial branch.

"In the legal system, party A sues party B over marriage, 'I want to get married to them,' and the court says, 'Okay, you can get married,'" he explained. "That doesn't mean that I've got to get married to homosexuals, it doesn't mean that you have to nor does it mean that it's the law of the land. Congress didn't pass any law. Your state legislature didn't pass a law.

"So you're not under anything, it's a decision of the court having to do with a couple of people," he now they would like to make it bigger than that but, in terms of the Constitution, it isn't."

You heard it. Pat Robertson believes same-sex marriage is still illegal.