A virulently anti-gay pundit from the Lone Star state found himself alone when his wife left him for another woman, reports LoneStarQ.com this week. According to the article, Jonathan Saenz, president of the anti-gay group Texas Values, got an extra boost of homophobia after his wife ditched him for another bitch, according to Hays Country district court records.

The devout Catholic was already a socially conservative lobbyist back in 2011 when his now ex-wife, Corrine Morris Rodriguez Saenz, filed for divorce that August. In early 2012, Saenz took the helm of Texas Values after the organization spun off from the Liberty Legal Institute, where he'd risen to chief lobbyist.

By that point, Saenz had morphed into the state's most extreme anti-gay voices, leading the charge against same-sex marriage and even LGBT nondiscrimination ordinances in San Antonio and Houston.

In doing so, he touted the ring-wing myth that sexual predators would use these laws to prey on women and children in bathrooms. (Is that where you lost your wife, Jonny Boy?)

He helped push an amendment to the 2014 Texas GOP platform endorsing gay conversion therapy, which is widely discredited. He also says that same-sex marriage will lead to polygamy and people marrying their stepkids. He suggests that gay activists want to place Christians in concentration camps, and filed an amicus brief calling on a federal appeals court to overturn a district judge's decision to strike down Texas' marriage bans.

Saenz unsuccessfully sought to bar his ex-wife's girlfriend Ercimin Paredes from being around their three young kids, and tried to get his wife locked up for failing to undergo a psychological evaluation by a doctor of his choice, whose $2,500 fee which he reportedly refused to pay.

The story is gaining traction on outlets like Raw Story, which notes that nearly two years after the divorce battle began, Saenz filed a counterpetition for divorce in May 2013, accusing his ex of adultery. The divorce became final on Aug. 1, 2013, and the Agreed Final Decree stated that both parents had the right "to direct the moral and religious training of the children."

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