While many conservative Christian groups claim their "buying power" will hurt brands with boycotts over LGBT inclusivity in their advertising, actual statistics suggest otherwise. 

According to a study released at the end of Pride Month by marketing industry mainstay Ogilvy, the overwhelming majority of Americans surveyed believe that LGBT-inclusive brands are good for business.

In honor of LGBTQ Pride Month, findings from a new Ogilvy survey released Wednesday of over 1,000 Americans including over 400 LGBT allies revealed that nearly two-thirds of Americans (65%) believe that LGBT-inclusive brands/businesses are good for the economy and similarly (64%) believe that these initiatives reflect our country's diversity. However, the majority (68%) report that in order to be an LGBT ally, brands/businesses need to "walk the talk" following through on promises and plans.

"Our survey demonstrates that creating LGBT-inclusive advertising should be more than just a diversity initiative. When it's done right, it can be a way to drive value at a higher level for an entire business," said Bill Berman, Ogilvy Account Director and Co-chair of Ogilvy Pride. "The survey also confirmed that both Americans and LGBT allies are affirming their beliefs with their purchase decisions by supporting brands that champion LGBTQ issues and avoiding those who openly discriminate against the community."

The survey also found that LGBT-inclusive advertising can be a key business driver among consumers as 64% of LGBT allies and 46% of all Americans surveyed say that seeing a brands' LGBT-inclusive advertising would make them more likely to consider purchasing its products/services. Opposing inclusion can also impact purchasing decisions with 63% of LGBT allies and 48% of Americans reporting that they try to avoid buying products/services from a brand/business they know discriminates against the LGBT community.