Study: Many Queer Girls Don’t Know They Can Get STIs From Each Other

A large number of lesbian and bisexual girls have no idea they can contract sexually transmitted infections from one another according to a recent study.

The study surveyed 160 young adult women aged 14-18 who identify as lesbian, bisexual or other “sexual minorities.” Researchers discovered most did not know dental dams could protect them from contracting STIs. Many had no idea they could contract STIs from oral sex with other women.

“Participants told us, they ‘literally had never heard of dental dams,’ or thought STIs weren’t a concern when having sex with girls,” said UCB researcher Jennifer Wolowic to NewNowNext.

These findings come from researchers from the Center for Innovative Public Health Research, the University of British Columbia, and the City University of New York.

Eleven states do not require schools to teach sex education, including Florida, while 17 states mandate such teaching.

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