Study Finds Gender Consignment Surgery Improves People's Quality of Life

German researchers have found that transgender people who get consignment surgery are much happier than those that don’t.

In a study by University hospital in Essen, Germany of 156 people who had a male-to-female surgery, a group led by Jochen Hess looked at the status of gender consignment patients, according to the Verge. In the six years after surgery, 75 percent of women were more satisfied and 67 percent were happy with their appearance as a woman.

"Nevertheless, we now have the first specific validated tool for measuring Quality of Life in transgender patients, we hope that this means that we can go forward to gather better information to help us improve treatment," Hess said in a release. 

More than 80 percent of respondents also said they perceived themselves as women after the surgery, according to the Verge. Of those who responded, 76.2 percent said they could have orgasms with their changed sexual organs.

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