For states that have anti-LGBT laws, discrimination does not pay.

Texas loses over $500 million from depression-based drinking from LGBT individuals, according to a study by the Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law in California. The report said the state could generate up to $540 million if they lower the gap between LGBT and non-LGBT people who have depression as well as those who drink to treat it.

“We’re not saying that the disparity is going to totally go away or that a certain law would completely close that gap, but we do say that these health outcomes that have been linked to minority stress do have a cause,” Williams Institute State and Local Policy Director Christy Mallory said to The Daily Beast. “So we try to look at [the effects of] even narrowing that gap.”

According to a Williams Institute study on Florida from this year, the state could save $224 million if they cut down the disparity between the amount of LGBT and non-LGBT smokers by 25 percent. Georgia could save $80 million if they did the same, according to the Institute.

The Institute will be preparing a report on Arizona in March and two more later in the year, according to The Daily Beast.