Every new development in the fight against HIV/AIDS changes the landscape for men’s health, especially in the gay and bisexual communities.

To help people keep up, the South Florida Men’s Wellness Conference is being held online Sept. 24-25.

Friday’s morning session reaches out to the HIV prevention workforce, HIV testing and prevention providers with Florida Department of Health as well as nursing and medical school students and professionals. Topics will include Taking Care of the Caregiver, substance abuse, COVID, what men should know about their health and hygiene, and an overall look at the state of men’s health today.

Day two will feature a yoga session followed by a discussion of nutrition, diet, and exercise, including how blood type and nutrition are related. Other topics will look at medical marijuana and HIV, the future of HIV drugs and treatments, and the impact of the hook-up culture, sex positivity, safety, gender, and sexuality.

Friday evening will feature a Zoom social at 7 p.m. featuring an online trivia game and a cocktail demonstration put on by Gay Vista Social Club.

Registration is required. To register go to HotSpotsMagazine.com/MensHealth.