Schuyler Brown, the founder and innovator of “Sea Plane Shirts” is touching down with a splash in Old Town with the third retail installment of the fun and inclusive shirt line Brown has been curating from his six-person studio in Philadelphia since 2011. 

Following retail success in LGBT hot beds Palm Springs and Provincetown, Schuyler is now bringing his line of shirts to iconic Duval Street in downtown Key West. 

Shenanigans abound in this vibrant shop with a weekly “Shirtshow Party” that’s part retail shop, part lounge; featuring an eclectic mix of music, local producers and plenty of mannequins donned in fun shirts with funky names like “Canary Coalmine and Whirly Wild World” donned on pant less mannequins. 

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A true tongue-in-cheek approach to unique and outrageous attire, founder Brown leans into the eccentric patterns and colors his brand is becoming known for. Beyond the bright colors and outrageous patterns, ‘Sea Plane Shirts’ is an innovative brand that used technology to build a brand with a small team who focused on smart sourcing to create designs that are as affordable as they are engaging. Every design is made from small lots of quality materials, which are curated using Schuyler’s discerning eye for originality. 

The founders’ journey to shirt success has been anything but ordinary. The grandson of a North Carolina textile manufacturer, Brown collected an MBA from UC Berkley and worked in Paris, New York and San Francisco before launching Sea Plane Shirts in 2011. 

Schuyler carries his commitment to inclusion and equality saying, “When you see our shirts, you know intuitively ours is an inclusive message.” It is this dedication to inclusiveness that drives the brand’s growth and engages its customers. 

Seaplane Key West is open now at 910 Duval Street. To see a sneak peek at the collection, visit