In SCRUFF’s most recent “SCRUFFtistic Survey,” nearly 13,000 of the dating service’s users answered questions about where they stand on a number of political issues.

“We’ve learned a lot since we started surveying SCRUFF guys about politics, and with this SCRUFFtistic we tried to ask more questions about the politics of our users instead of simply asking them who they plan to vote for,” the SCRUFF survey results read.

An overwhelming 79 percent of the gay, bi, trans and queer guys surveyed said they were voting for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, while only 11 percent planned on voting for Republican Donald Trump.

When survey respondents were asked if they believed Trump supported LGBT rights, 76 percent answered that he does not, and only 12 percent believed that he does support LGBT rights. The remaining 12 percent were unsure.

79 percent of those surveyed believed that Clinton supports LGBT rights, with only nine percent claiming she does not.

 The most important unresolved legislative issue for SCRUFF users is the Federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act. Users also expressed a desire for stronger pushback against Religious Freedom laws.

In terms of issues unrelated to LGBT legislation, users believed the President should give top priority to the climate and unemployment rates, with the Nation’s debt coming in third. 

The survey also asked if people of color were disproportionately targeted by the police. Nearly 77 percent said that they were, while only 23 percent believed that they were not.

In terms of the second amendment, results were much more even — almost 53 percent of SCRUFF users believed that the right to bear arms was very important, and 47 percent disagreed.

Most who responded to the survey — nearly 84 percent — did not believe that immigrants posed a threat to our society either economically or security-wise. And 85 percent of those surveyed believed that the struggle for LGBT rights in not over yet.

Even more believed that the struggle for transgender rights in the U.S. is far from complete, with 94 percent of responses saying there is still a lot of work to be done.

Finally, nearly 86 percent of survey participants agreed that marijuana should be legalized, compared to 14 percent who were against it.

In a similar survey from gay hookup app Grindr taken in September, almost 69 percent of users who responded said they were voting for Clinton.