Salt Lake Tribune

The Salt Lake Tribune reports on the addition of Scott Penfold, an openly gay man, to the City Council:"Now, after three decades of building a life, career and penchant for a growing community, the erstwhile gardener is ready to dig in to city politics. He replaces Eric Jergensen, a moderate who stepped down after eight years.

Rather than being a lightning rod for gay rights -- 'the city has done a remarkable job on the social-issue stuff,' he says -- Penfold will focus on the grass-roots stuff -- improving quality of life where residents live. 'I want Salt Lake City government to see a city of neighborhoods,' he says. 'People function well when they are recognized.' .Still, early signs suggested an adolescent Penfold may be a precocious pol. As a student body officer in high school, Penfold recalls fighting for the girls' right to wear pants, not just dresses. Then, on a student committee evaluating whether to ban the book The Godfather, he argued passionately to keep the novel on the shelf -- although he hadn't yet read it.... Neale Penfold, Stan's father, says his son always was engaged in social activities and was fairly well-known. 'He did show some indication that he did like the aspect of working with people,' Neale Penfold says. 'It was probably subtle.' As his son prepares to take the helm in District 3 on Jan. 4, Neale Penfold has little doubt he will be effective. 'He has empathy for people.'"