According to pastor Scott "don't call me 'anti-gay'" Lively, 2015 might be a good year to take out extra home owner's insurance.


In an opinion piece published on über right-wing pundit Matt Barber's website Barb Wire, Scott Lively, the anti-gay pastor who has been charged with committing crimes agains humanity for his involvement with the passage of Uganda's "kill the gays" law, is warning divine retribution not seen since the days of the Old Testament if the United States Supreme Court rules in favor of same-sex marriage this term.

Citing scriptural "blood moons" set to take place in 2015, Lively said that the "official endorsement of 'gay marriage' by the most powerful and influential nation on earth, and more importantly the only nation in the history of the world (other than ancient Israel) to be established on a Biblical foundation, is an act of rebellion against God not seen since Noah's Flood."

Lively further warns of "a growing army of self-righteous political activists claiming to represent Christ in a campaign to declare good evil and evil good. They and their unique brand of apostasy are clearly described in the last-days prophecy of 2 Peter 2:1-10, which specifically invokes Sodom."

Wait a minute -- if it rained fire on Sodom and water on Noah, wouldn't the water put out the fire?

Either way Lively foresees disaster: "I expect some sort of severe judgment to fall on America in conjunction with this process."

Earlier this month Lively penned a letter to Springfield Massachusetts' daily newspaper The Republican requesting that they refrain from calling him "anti-gay."

"Most irritating and misleading is that all or most of the stories identify me (often in the title) as 'anti-gay pastor,' as if that were some sort of professional title rather than an editorial comment." Lively wrote to The Republican. "I strongly object to that characterization, which deliberately misrepresents my opposition to the mainstreaming of homosexual conduct as hatred of homosexual persons."

The author of the universally debunked tome "The Pink Swastika" in which he claims that the Nazi party was founded in German gay bars, Lively is currently being sued in U.S. Federal Court for "crimes against humanity" for his involvement in the passage of Uganda's notorious "kill the gays" law.

A failed candidate for governor of Massachusetts, Lively is currently weighing his options to represent the Bay State in Congress - that is, of course, if it still exists after his predicted fire and flood.

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