You may be able to discriminate over sexual orientation, but you can’t discriminate over religious beliefs. The Satanic Temple is using that right to help same-sex couples get the wedding cakes they need.

“The laws of the United States require that no one may discriminate by way of refusal of service against an evangelical theocrat for their religious beliefs, but the evangelical theocrat may discriminate against LGBTQ people because of who they are,” temple Co-Founder and Spokesperson Lucien Greaves said according to Pink News. “Because religion is a protected class, a baker may refuse service to LGBTQ people, but they may not refuse service based upon someone’s religion.”

There has been a long-standing debate over whether religious freedom allows companies to discriminate against the LGBT community. This term the U.S. Supreme Court will decide for sure, taking up a case in which a Christian baker refused to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding. The Trump administration and 86 members of Congress have backed the baker.

If it’s okay to discriminate against gay people, there may be another option to get your wedding cake.

“If you can’t get a cake for your same-sex union, we’ll host a party in your honour at The Satanic Temple headquarters in Salem, and order a cake that praises Satan from your offending discriminatory ‘religious liberty’ enthusiast,” Greaves offered.

In other words, any same-sex couple that has been refused a cake on the grounds of religious beliefs may instead get a cake made to honor Satan, because the law prohibits religious discrimination.

“If they aren’t willing to make a cake for same-sex unions, let’s have them make a cake to honour Satan instead,” he said. “Our organisation has received a lot of concerned messages from people who are upset by the prospect of an environment in which the LGBTQ community are openly and legally treated as second-class citizens.”