An HIV-positive man from San Diego who was accused of intentionally infecting a partner with the disease was sentenced to six months in prison this week, the New York Daily News reports.

According to the newspaper, Thomas Guerra, 30, showed no remorse when San Diego County Judge Katherine Lewis angrily said she wished she could order him to more time in prison.

Guerra blamed the unnamed victim, whom he met via the gay hookup app, Grindr.

"I did not rape this person. I did not take him against his will," Guerra said in court Monday. "Within five minutes of Grindr text-messaging he was there. If you're that reckless with your life, how can you blame anyone else for your actions?"

Lewis said Guerra's statements were shocking, according to local news station KSWB-TV.

"'I don't think in my career of 25 years that I've seen even someone who's been convicted of murder be so lacking of insight," she told Guerra, a landscape artist who claims to be related to farmworker activist Cesar Chavez.

Prosecutors said Guerra bragged about having unprotected sex while knowing he is HIV-positive. Investigators looked over 11,000 text messages Guerra sent and in some of them, he told potential sexual partners he did not have HIV. Authorities also claim he infected other people but they could not get the evidence to charge him with more counts.

Guerra was charged with transmitting an infectious disease, a misdemeanor health code violation that carries a maximum sentence of six months.

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