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Rowan Ward, a non-binary contestant on "Jeopardy!," is making history with their wins on the long-running game show.

Ward’s next appearance on the show will be Thursday, Nov. 3.

Ward’s initial run on the show was short-lived when they lost to super champ Matt Amodio, who won 38 games in a row. In years past that would have meant the end of the road for those contestants.

But this season Jeopardy introduced a new tournament called Second Chance Tournament consisting of players from last season who lost before qualifying for the Tournament of Champions.

Ward won the second chance tournament that included a $35,000 prize on Oct. 28 giving them a spot in the Tournament of Champions that started Oct. 31.

The past year there’s been a lot of LGBT representation on the game show with Amy Schneider, a trans woman, and Mattea Roach, a lesbian. Schneider had the longest winning streak of last season, with 40 games. She is also the top-winning woman in the show’s history and the first trans contestant to appear in the Tournament of Champions.

Both will return to play in the Tournament of Champions.

Ward dominated the game on Thursday, but came close to losing Friday in the second round of the finals. None of the contestants got the final answer right allowing Ward to walk away with the top prize.

According to Advocate, when Ward competed last year, they were not publicly out and used a different name on the show.

When "Jeopardy!" host Ken Jennings asked Ward what they did with their third-place winnings after their first shot on the show, Ward said, “Oh I have $1,000 and actually before going on Jeopardy I told my close friends to call me Rowan. I was under another name on the show, but I'm non-binary. I wanted a name that [fit] me. So what I did with the money is I used it to pay for my name change filing and now I'm back on Jeopardy with a second chance, as my true self.”