Students at the Rochester Institute of Technology protested last week to get hormone replacement therapy treatments back on campus.

Annamaria Kontor, a doctor at RIT who was providing hormone therapy to students, was fired by the school after they said she exceeded boundaries as a primary care physician, according to the Democrat and Chronicle. The New York Division of Human Rights received a complaint from Kontor and later found the school may have discriminated in firing her.

Students who have been looking for hormone therapy in the meantime have had to travel to hospitals in the area with long waiting lists and that are harder for students without a car to reach.

"A lot of students come into the Q Center with questions (about access) and we can't really help them because we don't have much information," RIT student Natasha Amadasun said. "HRT is not a luxury that people just want — they need this. It's a medication.”

The school is having a comprehensive review in the meantime of what services it provides to transgender people, according to the Democrat and Chronicle.