In what is appearing to be a potential shake-up at SiriusXM Satellite Radio's LGBT channel, Sirius OutQ, "The Derek and Romaine Show," hosted by gay media specialist/author Derek Hartley and former queer activist Romaine Patterson was unceremoniously cancelled Wednesday.

"SiriusXM let us know today that after 12 years on the air, our show has been cancelled," reads a post on Derek and Romaine's Facebook page. "Best of shows will air tonight through Friday to complete the week and then that will be it. Both of us want to thank you for listening and participating all of these years. Your loyalty and dedication have meant a lot to us and it has not gone unnoticed."

Hartley and Patterson's on-air brand, which expanded to vacation events in recent years, was also made note of in the post.

"If you are booked on the DNR Cruise this fall, it will go on as planned and we will be contacting you soon directly (or if you have been thinking about joining us, well this is probably your best chance)," they wrote.

"We are sure many of you are upset about this news," Hartley and Patterson continued. "But we ask that you be respectful if you post about this anywhere else online or if you feel the need to contact Customer Care. Please (AND ESPECIALLY) don't contact or harass any other SiriusXM shows about this. It's not appropriate and we won't stand for it. Thank you for joining us on this amazing ride we have been on together. We couldn't have done it without you."

"It's devastating how SiriusXM just cut them off without the chance to even say goodbye to their loyal listeners," said Broadway's Christopher Sieber.

Sieber and his husband, Kevin Burrows have been loyal listeners since Hartley joked that any actor in New York that hasn't appeared on "Law & Order" may as well "pack it in and go back to Kansas." Sieber, a two-time Tony Award nominee who had never appeared on the popular crime show, called in to correct him, starting a decade-long friendship.

"We are lucky we will continue to see Derek and Romaine," Sieber says. "Some listeners won't have that luxury. It's a blow to many many Derek and Romaine fans."

Comments from fans on social media have been somber.

"DNR is the heart and soul of OutQ. You and Romaine are like family. This is very sad news," said former Twyla Tharp dancer Jamie Bishton.

"I cannot believe this. So very upsetting," said Last Comic Standing contestant Adam Sank, who appeared numerous times on the radio show.

The "Derek and Romaine Show," was launched in 2003, when Romaine Patterson, previously known for her LGBT activism amid the Matthew Shepard murder, was paired with PlanetOut/AOL personality Derek Hartley. What started as a three-hour talk show, was soon expanded to four hours in the coveted 6-10 p.m. time slot. In 2013, the show was unseated at 6 p.m. by former boy band frontman Lance Bass and pushed back to 8-11 p.m.