What do automobile safety devices and the advancement of civil rights for LGBT Americans have in common? According to one rightwing radio personality, more than you think Right Wing Watch reports.

On Thursday's broadcast of "The Savage Nation" radio host Michael Savage, prompted by a listener who called in to decry the proliferation of public safety laws against smoking and riding in a car without a seat belt, weighed in with his bizarre theory that gay rights are the byproduct of expanding government overreach that began in the front seat of American automobiles.

"How did the gays and lesbians get us in such a lock-grip where we accept to whatever they do to us now as just another incremental destruction of our civilization? It started with the seat belt," Savage told the listener. "I grew up in a time where there were no seat belts, then there were seat belts but they were sort of optional because you had them around your lap and the cops couldn't see if they were on you, then the government figured out a shoulder strap where the cops could see that they were on you.

"So everyone now automatically puts a seat belt on; automatically now everybody checks themselves no matter what the pervert says to them, no matter what the sick sisters in the colleges do to their children, they say, 'I'm not going to say anything because I have to wear the seat belt around my mouth,'" he said.

Comments like this are to be expected from Savage, a staunch Obama "birther" with a long list of past conspiracy theories.

According to Savage's well-earned page in the Encyclopedia of American Loons, his past outrageous claims have run the gamut from his theory that the U.S. is under attack from Satan to his belief that United States Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts was drugged during the Obamacare ruling.