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It seems many lawmakers learned their lesson from North Carolina.

A “Physical Privacy Act,” which originally regulated bathroom and locker use by forcing people to use the facility according to the gender on their original birth certificate, was swiftly shot down Thursday.

The GOP-controlled House subcommittee killed Republican Virginia Lawmaker Robert Marshall’s bill with an unrecorded voice vote, according to The Washington Post.

“You campaign one way and come down here and kill things silently,” he said, calling their actions “disgusting.”

He later offered an amendment to remove “original” from the wording, allowing people with updated birth certificates to use corresponding restrooms.

“If someone goes through the process of changing their sex — I don’t think it’s very smart because such people have very high rates of self-harm. That’s documented, not from me,” he said. “But if they go through that, fine. Let them use that bathroom.”

This proposed act mirror’s North Carolina’s bathroom bill, which alongside other anti-LGBT laws has caused the NBA and NCAA to pull games and championships out of the state. In addition, Wilton Manors enacted a travel ban to North Carolina in response to the state’s controversial laws.

TWP reported Marshall’s purpose was to “protect women and girls from predatory men who might pretend to be transgender to gain access to areas where women are undressed.” Predatory laws are already in place to protect against harassment.

After hearing testimony for and against the bill, the subcommittee’s seven members — five Republicans and two Democrats — moved to lay the bill on the table, effectively killing it unless the subcommittee reverses itself within a week.