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Arizona Supreme Court Rules to Affirm Parental Rights of Lesbian Couples

(SFGN) On Tuesday the Arizona Supreme Court issued a unanimous decision affirming the equal rights of same-sex parents in the state. The issue is one that has been handled differently in different courts since the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges, legalizing same-sex marriage.

"It would be inconsistent with Obergefell to conclude that same-sex couples can legally marry but states can then deny them the same benefits of marriage afforded opposite-sex couples," the judges said in their opinion. "Legal parent status is, undoubtedly, a benefit of marriage."

The Arizona Supreme court ruling in McLaughlin v. McLaughlin will require the state to extend the same presumptions of parentage to same-sex couples as it does to opposite-sex couples. Under Arizona law, the husband of a birth mother is presumed to be the child’s legal parent even if the birth mother conceived through artificial insemination. But two lower courts in the state differed in their decisions when it came to married lesbian couples who conceive through artificial insemination. One court ruled that the birth mother’s wife should receive the same presumption of parentage that a husband would, while the other court did not, reported.

The McLaughlin v. McLaughlin ruling extends the presumption of parentage to women in same-sex marriages who conceive by artificial insemination that it does to men in opposite-sex marriages who do the same.

"We ensure all children, and not just children born to opposite-sex spouses, have financial and emotional support from two parents and strong family units," the ruling states. 


Oregon Gov. Kate Brown Announces Run for Reelection

(SFGN) Oregon Gov. Kate Brown (D) announced Monday that she’s running for reelection, releasing a campaign video promoting her stance against the Trump administration.

“While Washington, D.C. falls apart, Oregonians are coming together,” Brown says in the video, “As your governor, it’s my job to make things better, to stand up to anyone who would take our rights away.”

The Huffington Post reported that Brown’s specific actions against current administration policy include issuing her own executive order forbidding all state agencies from helping federal immigration officials apprehend undocumented immigrants, and barring state agencies from using public money to create a religious registry.

Most recently, Brown worked with her state legislature to pass a law that expands health care coverage to just about everyone in Oregon, regardless of income level, citizenship status or gender identity. And passed another law to ensure that no child goes uncovered. Once the laws are fully implemented, 95 percent of adults and 100 percent of kids will be covered.

“These conversations around the Affordable Care Act, I was committed to expanding access to health care and not going backwards ,” Brown told Huff Post in an August interview. “What is happening federally makes me want to fight, fight, fight.”

Brown’s re-election run comes up in 2018. One well-funded Republican Oregon state Rep. Knute Buehler got a $500,000 contribution from billionaire Nike founder Phil Knight to vie for Brown’s seat. Knute has brought in another $500,000 in donations, $1 million in the first 30 days of his campaign. Oregon has no campaign finance limits.


Transgender Hockey Player Delays Hormone Treatment To Play Another Season

(SFGN) Last year, at the age of 23, Harrison Brown retired from the National Women’s Hockey League to undergo hormone therapy and surgery as part of his gender transition.

Earlier this month Browne, a transgender man, announced that he would delay his medical transition in order to sign with the New York Riveters and play another season in the NWHL. The league does not require that players identify as female, but does require that transgender male players not be on hormone therapy. Transgender women must have declared a female gender identity and have testosterone levels “within typical limits of women athletes,” NPR reported. The rules, a first of their kind, were prompted by Brown’s coming out to the league last year.

"For myself, being stuck in the binary of men's and women's sports is not ideal," Browne said. "But I'm lucky enough to be part of a league that accepts me and wants me to feel as comfortable as I can. This is the first trans policy in professional sports, that's huge."

To draft the new policy, the NWHL approached You Can Play, an organization that advocates for access to sports for LGBTQ people regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation.

"It's a women's league, so there was the balance of making sure that we are respecting women's sports and athletes' identities," said Chris Mosier, vice president of program development at You Can Play, "But we also wanted to make room for Harrison to make a social transition and asking people to address him in a way authentic to him. We had to put in writing where he fits in a league like the NWHL."


Brazilian Queer Art Exhibition Cancelled Amid Cries of Censorship

(SFGN) The Queermuseu – Queer Museum an exhibition hosted at Santander Bank’s cultural Center in Porto Alegre, closed a month ahead of schedule due to protests from the Free Brazil Movement. The exhibit included work from by Brazilian artists Candido Portinari and Lygia Clark. And the Brazilian artistic community has called the protests a dangerous form of censorship, The Guardian reported.

“It is an exhibition that deals with issues of identity,” the curator Gaudêncio Fidelis told the Guardian. “This is a frightening moment in Brazilian life.”

The Movement, supported by evangelical Christians, accused the exhibition of promoting blasphemy, pedophilia, and bestiality. Fidelis denied the charges.

“They are passing the limits of tolerance and we are giving them a response,” said Silas Malafaia, an evangelical pastor.

A video by protesters described

one of two paintings by artist Bia Leite from a series called ‘Criança Viada’, or ‘Gay Children’, as “practically child prostitution”.

The children are fully clothed in the painting and Fidelis said the accusation that it promotes pedophilia is unfounded. “The work is about bullying, about prejudice.”

A painting which protesters said depicted an act of bestiality, Fidelis said was about colonialism. Fidelis found out the exhibition had been cancelled when Santander published a notice on Facebook.

“We sincerely apologize to anyone who felt offended by any work that was part of the exhibition,” the bank said. Santander fully approved all the works prior to the exhibition, Fidelis said.