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Lab Rescue Charities to Benefit from Crowdfunding Campaign for Late DJ Wendy Hunt

(EDGE) A few days after her passing, DJ Wendy Hunt's spirit of generosity is living on. Having met its initial goal, a crowdfunding campaign set up to pay for her funeral expenses, is now continuing on and accepting donations for the dance floor legend's favorite charitable cause — dogs.

On Tuesday, following news of Hunt's passing, her sister Kavita appealed to the DJ's fans to help raise funds to pay for her funeral. Donations poured in from friends and fans. And soon the campaign's initial goal of $3,000 was exceeded, which prompted Hunt's sister to raise the goal to $5,000 to cover additional expenses with the assurance "that all funds above and beyond the costs described above will become a gift to Lab Rescue of Florida, in honor of Wendy. She would be (and perhaps she is) delighted and grateful, as am I."

According to her sister, the pledge will be split between two lab rescue charities in Florida: Lab Rescue of Florida District 8 Pasco-Pinellas, and Lab Rescue of Florida, District 12 Broward. 

"Wherever Wendy is now, I trust that your loving words and gestures are finding her," Hunt's sister Kavita wrote. "I cannot think of anything that would give her greater contentment than knowing dogs in need are supported by her, through your love for her.

Hunt, who was known as "The Queen Mother of DJs" died during the early hours of Monday morning of an apparent suicide. She was 64.

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Mattis Suggests Transgender Military Members May Continue to Serve

(CNN) Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis said Monday that the White House had still not provided policy guidance on transgender persons serving in the military, adding that they were still studying the issue, raising the prospect that transgender service members may be allowed to continue to serve despite President Donald Trump's July announcement of a ban via Twitter.

"We are going to study the issue," Mattis told reporters at the Pentagon.

"The policy is going to address whether or not transgenders can serve under what conditions, what medical support they require, how much time would they be perhaps non-deployable leaving others to pick up their share of everything. There's a host of issues and I'm learning more about this than I ever thought I would and it's obviously very complex to include the privacy issues which we respect," Mattis said.

"I am waiting right now to get the President's guidance in and that I expect to be very soon," he added.

Trump announced his plan to ban transgender service members on Twitter last month. The move took the Joint Chiefs of Staff by surprise, and the Pentagon has said it is awaiting an official order from Trump before making a policy change.

The White House has yet to send official guidance to the Pentagon on the ban.