Psychologist Receives $1 Million Federal Grant for First Nationwide Study of Transgender Kids

A University of Washington psychologist received a $1 million federal grant for one of the largest ever studies of transgender children.

The National Science Foundation granted Kristina Olson the Alan T. Waterman Award, according to the Associated Press. According to Olson, the grant would be used to expand a program which pediatricians already use to expand awareness about gender.

“‘Transgender children’ is a category we have so little scientific knowledge about,” Olson said. “I’m interested in their experience of feeling you are in a social category that other people don’t think you’re a part of.”

The program, titled the TransYouth Project, started in 2013 and recruited 300 children from 45 states from ages 3-12, according to the Associated Press. The plan is to track the children for 20 years and collect data and observations on their mental health through their early adult lives.

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