Two Philadelphia city workers were initially accused of being anti-gay vandals after taking a sledgehammer to an LGBT rainbow crosswalk. But the incident is a huge misunderstanding, NBC Philadelphia reports.

Witnesses were shocked Monday night to see two men attempt to destroy a rainbow crosswalk celebrating the LGBT community. But officials said they were from the Philadelphia Water Department and were looking for a possible problem. The department said it was looking into a nearby leak, which led workers to the city's Gayborhood.

"The Water Department was investigating a leak on a water main and as part of the investigation, had to remove a valve box cover to to identify the location," water department spokesman John DiGulio told NBC Philadelphia.

A witness recorded the workers hammering the pavement as onlookers walked by.

"There was a man in the middle of the road with a sledgehammer beating the rainbow sidewalks with it, and another man came up behind and began chiseling with him," Michael Depiano, a witness, told the news station.

He said he believed the men had nefarious motives and called the police. When cops arrived, the men walked away and left minor damage to the crosswalk.

"We apologize for any concern this may have caused," said DiGulio.

The rainbow crosswalk was installed during the summer and were featured during Philadelphia's 50th anniversary of the LGBT Annual Reminders protest, according to Philly Mag.