Pete Buttigieg Makes His Case to South Carolina in CNN Town Hall

Pete Buttigieg @ Monday CNN's S.C. Town Hall Credit: CNN

Pete Buttigieg tried to make his case Monday night during a CNN town hall from South Carolina on why he was best suited to take on Sen. Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nomination, and the case why he is the best candidate to take on President Trump in November. 

Buttigieg’s town hall was moderated by CNNs Don Lemon.

– LemonThe crowd loves you, we can see. They loved you in Indiana, they loved you in Iowa, they loved you in NewHampshire. You ran neck and neck withSenator Bernie Sanders there. But [Sanders] pulled away in Nevada, where he was a clear front-runner. Tomorrow night on the debatestage you'll have the chance tostop his momentum.How are you going to do that?

– Buttigieg: “Well, by making the case for how wewill defeat Donald Trump.

Put in colored box

Look, I believe in a politics thatbrings as many people in aspossible.I believe in calling peopleinto the tent, not calling themnames online,” the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana said.


– Question: “Why should black Americans should support you?”

– Buttigieg: I recognize that I don't havethat lived experience,” he said. So, the question becomes what canI do to try to reach out tothose who do, and invite them toshape the vision of my campaign and invite them into shaping thevision of the White House Ipropose to build.

– Buttigieg on Trump supporters: "The other thing I would say to anybody who voted that way, thisPresident doesn't respect you. This President thinks you are a sucker. He thinks you will support himwhile he and his friends laughall the way to the bank.Let's do something different anddo it together. We're not going to win overeverybody. But I also think there's an opportunityto bring a lot of people backinto the Democratic Party. I believe we can be true to ourprogressive values and beinviting to a lot of people whofeel politically without a home.”


– Question: Do youbelieve other religious and non-profit institutions like colleges andhomeless charities should losefederal funding if they refuseto hire or serve LGBTQ people?

– Buttigieg: “It’s very simple. I believe that federal funding should never be used to discriminate. It’s a basic principle. I feel this way as citizen and a person of faith. Of course it is so important to the fabric of the country that people of every religion and of no religion can practice their faith to the best of their conscience. But like any other freedom, that freedom ends where it you begin to invoke it to harm other people.”

– Buttigieg recalls 9-year-old asking him how to be brave in telling people he is gay. 

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Buttigieg To 9-Year-old Seeking advice on Coming out: ‘You Seem Pretty Strong’ 

“And that’s more or less what I told him. Although I gave him the best advice that I could for the future, which is mainly just to let him know that even if it's not always easy, that I was going to be rooting for him and other people were, too. There have been so many moments like that. Whether it's a young person who is wondering where they fit, and this campaign sends a signal to them that they belong. Or people I meet sometimes who are my parents' age who come up to me, sometimes with tears in their eyes, to let me know they never thought this day would come, that this would even be possible. And that whole thing makes me hopeful.”