After their announcement of becoming fathers last month, Pete and Chasten Buttigieg shared their first family photo with their twin babies to the world.

Pete, the United States secretary of transportation, shared a photo with him and Chasten holding their newborn baby girl and boy, and revealed their names in a post.

"Chasten and I are beyond thankful for all the kind wishes since first sharing the news that we're becoming parents," they wrote in a joint statement. "We are delighted to welcome Penelope Rose and Joseph August Buttigieg to our family."

The couple expressed their desire to start a family after they started dating in 2015 and married in June 2018, according to PEOPLE.

"I'm so glad that we get this time and we're both to ourselves, into a bunch of projects, but we still get to have dinner together every night. And it's allowed us to have conversations, those necessary conversations, and now it's really overwhelming figuring out how and where and when, and how much — my God," Chasten told PEOPLE in 2019. "But luckily, we have a lot of friends who've had families in very different ways. So, we've just been having great conversations with our friends about how they figured it out, and we'll go from there. We're just really excited and overwhelmed, I think."

"Very excited," Pete chimed in. "It's one thing when you're in the middle of a campaign and there's just no room for anything else. Not that there'll ever be an easy or simple time. I don't think there is for anybody, but it's time to take those steps."

Pete has been making a name for himself for years, starting when he announced his bid for presidency in 2020. He later lost in the Democratic primary to President Joe Biden. However, President Biden added Pete to his cabinet where he became the first openly gay person to be a United States secretary, PEOPLE reported.