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A report from three former military surgeons general and three pro-LGBT scholars contradicts a Pentagon recommendation that transgender people are less able to serve in the military.

The new report comes from Palm Center, which advocates for gender and sexual diversity in the military, according to The Hill. The authors used "internal Defense Department data" in their report. The 56-page report found that out of 994 service members diagnosed with gender dysphoria in 2016 and the first half of 2017, only one was unable to finish their service due to mental health. 

“This data was not connected to deployment and did not demonstrate any failure to meet a deployment obligation,” the report states. “What it did demonstrate, however, is the arbitrary way in which separate standards for fitness, targeted specifically against transgender personnel, can make them appear less medically fit and less deployable than their peers.”

No new laws can immediately go into effect regarding transgender service, as courts have placed a preliminary injunction as lawsuits on the subject continue.