What kind of boutonniere would you have of a man-dog wedding and does the dog have to carry a bouquet? Would a polygamous wedding break your flower budget?

Pat Robertson is at it again. On the Thursday broadcast of "The 700 Club" Pat Robertson took some time to serve up a platter of his patented anti-gay hatred peppered with some good old-fashioned bestiality scare tactics and some polygamy panic as a side dish, Right Wing Watch reports.

Criticizing a Washington judge's ruling this week that the owners of Arlene's Flowers violated the state's anti-discrimination law by denying service to a same-sex couple, Pat Robertson dug into his treasure trove of hypothetical crazy.

"This is outrageous," Robertson said, "To tell a florist that she's got to provide flowers for a particular kind of wedding? What if somebody wanted to marry his dog? She's got to have flowers for that? What if there's a polygamous situation where a guy has five wives and he wants to have five ceremonies and she's going to be forced by the law to provide them flowers? This is crazy."

Robertson's latest rant shows that the 84-year-old televangelist may be softening his rhetoric. In 2009, HuffPo reported that when Maine became the fifth state to allow legal same-sex marriage, Robertson predicted that it would lead to the legalization of polygamy, bestiality, child molestation and pedophilia. Thursday's comments from him presumably show that minors are no longer in danger.

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