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According to televangelist Pat Robertson, gays, who once only inspired the Almighty to smite the earth with natural disasters and the occasional terrorist attack, have diversified their portfolio to include the destruction of financial markets.

Robertson predicted on "The 700 Club" show Monday that as a result of the country having "enshrined sodomy into the United States Constitution," God will, in retaliation, take out the financial system,Right Wing Watch reports.

"Now it's a constitutional right for sodomites to marry each other," he lamented, warning, "the wrath of God is revealed against this stuff."

He explained: "I don't want the wrath of God to hit this country, it's a great country, I'd like to see America continue strong, but this is one way of weakening it. First of all, we're going to have this financial collapse. We're setting up for a massive financial collapse and I think if God is going to hurt this country that's probably the way he'd do it."

This is the second time that Robertson predicted financial ruin for the United States as a result of the recent Supreme Court decision in Obergefell v Hodges.

"God Almighty is looking down on this nation and, folks, I want to tell you that our finances right now are hanging by a thread, the rupture of the entire financial framework of our world is so tenuous right now and if there was ever a time that we need the grace of God, it is now," Robertson warned in September. "And unless something is done to change the courts and to change the way this country is going, it is just a question of time before the fabric ruptures and we'll all suffer because of it."