We all know that Pat Robertson believes that all gay people are going to hell. Apparently, according to statements made on the air Monday, gays will have more company in hell that previously thought. According to Pat, gay affirming Christians will be feeling Hades' heat too, Right Wing Watch reports.

A viewer to Robertson's "700 Club" wrote in Monday to ask:

I was visiting a church with a Christian friends of mine. I was shocked that the pastor was openly gay and talked about this with everyone. I asked my friend if he accepted this and he said he did because he did not think it was a sin. I left the church later and told my friend I would not be going back because I think this is a sin against Christianity. Was I right or wrong to leave?

For his answer, Robertson pulled into his stock of well-worn anti-gay Bible riffs ranging from Leviticus' "abomination" to Paul the Apostle's "no homosexual, adulterer or fornicator will enter the kingdom of heaven" quote before telling the viewer that any church that says that being gay isn't a sin is "leading people down the road to perdition."

"If I were you, I would stay far away from them," he continued.

Right Wing Watch notes that earlier in the program, Robertson told viewers that gay Christians are a threat to faith.