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Palm Springs in California will be experiencing a political shift after Tuesday night’s election. Lisa Middleton, an openly trans woman, along with Christy Holstege, who identifies as bisexual, will be joining joining gay councilmembers Geoff Kors, J.R. Roberts and Harold Matzner on the council.

With all of the seats filled, the city will now be ran by a council that is entirely LGBT.

Middleton looks at her role on the council as not only speaking volumes to what the city represents, but also as a beacon of hope for trans youth.

“Another glass ceiling has been broken. For young people who are transgender all over the United States, they are going to have examples for what they can do,” she told local outlet KMIR. “It says Palm Springs is going to judge you by the content of your character and by the work you’re able to accomplish.”

Middleton became the state’s first openly trans person elected to political office. James WIlliamson, Middleton’s campaign manager, believes that this victory signifies the direction that the community is heading in.

“For a lot of progressives," Williamson said, "they’ve moved away from the kind of Kumbaya politics and they realize if they want the social programs they believe are important, we need to have a strong business-base to support those programs."

The council, which will be officially installed in December, is absent of people of color, showing that there’s still potential for them to grow.