More than a hundred personnel from airmen, soldiers of the U.S. Army and more are informing their superiors about seeking a transition thanks to a recent military transgender policy.

The policy, enacted in the very beginning of October, allows transgender troops to openly service.

According to Navy spokesperson Lieutenant Commander Nate Christensen, 55 different sailors and officers came forward with plans to transition.

Major William Lewis of the U.S. Air Force reports that 48 airmen are also looking to transition, according to USA Today. The publication also reported on an email sent by Vice Admiral Robert Burke.

“Today, we know of approximately 55 sailors who have waited for this policy to be finalized, and desire a gender transition,” he wrote. “With few exceptions, these sailors have had faith that the Navy would come through, and they observed all regulations and standards applicable to their birth gender.”

In addition, Army’s Chief of Staff General Mark Milley claimed at least ten U.S. Army soldiers are also seeking support for their transition.