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Oregon Gov. Kate Brown turned criticism of her sexuality from a conservative television personality into an opportunity to offer support and encouragement.

“To every bisexual person out there struggling to explain to your friends and family who you are and who you love: you are not alone,” Brown tweeted. “Don’t let bullies stop you from being true to yourself. You might even be governor someday.”

Fox News host Tucker Carlson went after Brown last week for her new mask mandate order — the nation’s first of its kind that extends outdoors into public spaces where social distancing is not possible.

But before jumping on the governor’s coronavirus guidelines, Carlson said Brown being married to a man was weird and confusing.

“How does having a groom at her wedding make Kate Brown an official member of the LGBTQ! community?” Carlson asked.

Brown replied, tweeting directly at Carlson, “That’s what bisexual means.”

In 2016, Brown became the first openly LGBT person elected governor in the United States. Carlson said Brown’s bisexuality shielded her from media scrutiny and that she was not fit to handle the Portland riots of 2020 nor the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Unfortunately Oregon did not have a very serious leader,” Carlson said. “It had some dopey soccer mom who got elected because she claimed she had a girlfriend in college.”

Brown and her husband Dan Little have been married for 23 years. By identifying as bisexual Brown acknowledges she is attracted to people of more than one gender. She also clarified wearing a mask is not a political statement.

“Wearing a mask is an act of kindness,” Brown tweeted. “Masks don’t just protect you, they protect everyone around you from COVID-19. Today I’m wearing my mask for our kids who are headed back to school soon and our hardworking health care heroes.”


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