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“Faggot" "Sand Nigga" & "Dick Rider" Gets Rapper Azealia Banks Banned From Twitter

Dustin Anderson She is vile.

Jeffrey Alman Untreated alcoholism.

Martin Talbot A bigoted mouth and expensive taste are a formula for bankruptcy! LOL


'Ex-Gay' Therapist Praises Tennessee's 'Turn Away the Gays' Counseling Law

Steve Johnson Who would want to go to a therapist who was biased against them because of their sexual orientation? or trans-gender status? or for any other reason? Ditto for buying wedding cakes and all the rest. Why would you want to give bigots your money, when there are abundant alternatives?

New Beginnings Recovery Center Christopher Doyle is clearly a potato

Jeffrey Alman Therapy is overrated


Stonewall Organizers Aim to Boost Confidence in Festival

Lore Bernier It's a corporate event, not a community one. If they want people to care, they should probably try caring more about people.

Liam Hodgson Lori Bernier could you explain to me in greater detail? I was looking today for who the entertainment would be. Thinking you may have more info than I do.

Kevin Burke Corporate or community event. Semantics. Someone has to put it together & it cost money.