How's this for a pledge drive appeal?

"If every one of the 'One Million Moms' donated just one dollar, we'd have $75,000."

In an attempt to raise one million dollars to fight "the secular culture's war against all things Christian, including life and marriage," One Million Moms (OMM) are calling on their 75,000 followers to donate money to help expand the reach of American Family Talk Radio - the broadcast medium of the SPLC designated anti-gay hate group American Family Association (AFA).

"I know that many are discouraged because of the recent Supreme Court ruling," writes OMM executive director Monica Cole in an e-blast to her less than 100K followers. "But now is not the time for conservative Christians to retreat from the cultural battlefield. [..] For years, your voice - the voice of conservative Christian America - has not been heard by those in power in our nation's capital. But we have an opportunity to change that.."

Warning her followers that "the philosophy of many of our law and policy makers is driven by the dominant secular voices of our day including liberal universities, Hollywood, radical anti-Christian organizations, and the mainstream media," Cole makes an appeal to followers to fund AFA's $1million plan to expand their radio reach to cover "the highly populated areas of Northern Virginia where thousands of Washington, D.C. commuters live."

For a $50 donation to AFA, bigoted zealots will receive a pack of ten Freedom of Religion buttons and the DVD "One Generation Away", an 86-minute powerful and alarming expose of the loss of religious freedom in America which sells on Amazon for $7.29 new.