A bartender from Cleveland, Ohio is coming under fire this week after writing the word "fags" on a receipt, which went viral across social media, ABC 6 reports.

Alissa Maugen was serving friends Sunday night at West End Tavern in Cleveland. When it was time for them to pay the bill, Maugen reportedly wrote the word "fag" instead of writing her friends' names on the receipt. Maugen's friends thought it was funny and posted a picture of the bill on Instagram.

"I understand it's a very sensitive thing but it wasn't meant to be offensive toward anybody," Maugen told ABC 6.

The photo gained traction and it then posted on Facebook and, as ABC 6 reports, the image is going viral on social media. According to the news station, angry customers shared the photo on the bar's Facebook page and a number of locals say they don't plan on going to West End Tavern because of the offensive receipt.

"Something like that obviously shouldn't be put out there," Andrew Rollings, a friend of the bartender, told ABC 6. "That's just something amongst friends, just like joking around."

Though the Facebook page for the restaurant hasn't been updated since February, several people commented on the latest post condemning the receipt.

"Awww. This is horrible! I'll tell my sons not to go here. He lives near there and tries to support local places," one Facebook user wrote.

"Not going there anymore. Not even an apology from the bar," another said.

"As a Lakewood resident, I do NOT appreciate this kind of HATE," one of the Facebook comments reads.

"DISGUSTING and an embarrassment to the city of Lakewood of all places!" another wrote.

"Very sad indeed ~ lived in lakewood for nearly 40 years and pridefully [sic] I am a LESBIAN however i will make sure to make it known not to spend a dime in this establishment!" the most recent Facebook comment reads.

SFGN UPDATE: West End Tavern posted the following statement on their Facebook page:

Recently one of employees used an inappropriate and degrading term on a guest check that she thought was an attempt at humor with customers who were also her friends. We’re horrified that such a stupid thing happened. The West End Tavern abhors this type of slur. It isn’t funny and it hurts our friends and our customers. We welcome all of our guests. The employee has been suspended until we ensure that she and other employees understand that words hurt.
The West End Tavern has been welcoming guests for 29 years. We wouldn’t have survived this long if our customers didn’t feel welcomed and comfortable. The West End Tavern is a fun place to enjoy a delicious meal and a beer or spirits and we will continue to warmly welcome all of our guests.

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