Chelsea Manning will soon be free.

Manning, 29, the army intelligence analyst responsible for leaking classified information, received a commuted sentence from U.S. President Barack Obama on Tuesday.

She was in the seventh year of a 35-year sentence. Obama’s decision means Manning gets out of prison on May 17, 2017 instead of 2045. 

While imprisoned in Fort Levenworth, Kansas, Manning transition from Bradley Manning, a male, to Chelsea Manning, a female. She attempted suicide twice and tried a hunger strike.

The American Civil Liberties Union had advocated for Manning’s sentence to be commuted.

“The information she disclosed served a clear public interest, helping raise awareness regarding the impact of war on innocent civilians,” wrote Chase Strangio, ACLU staff attorney for LGBT and HIV projects. 

Deployed to Iraq in 2009, Manning was assigned to assess insurgency activity. She had access to incident logs from American embassies and war maneuvers in Iraq and Afghanistan.  

In 2010, Manning revealed global diplomatic cables, turning many of the classified documents over to the WikiLeaks organization. Some of the damaging information included abuses of prisoners, civilian deaths and an American helicopter attack in Baghdad that killed two journalists. 

Once imprisoned, Manning soon became the face of whistleblowers worldwide. 

Manning is one of 273 individuals to receive a commuted sentence by Obama on Tuesday.