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(EDGE) Taking to Facebook, popular New York City drag queen Gusty Winds wrote she was harassed by a straight couple while riding the subway Saturday night, New Now Next reports.

The website writes Gusty Winds is a "veteran of the New York scene for more than two decades" and that she's often seen riding public transportation in full drag "usually on the way to her regular gig at Lips in Midtown."

On Facebook, the performer wrote she was "harassed on the subway [by] some ignorant man and his girlfriend [when they] started talking loudly and rudely about me."

"Half [of] the train was shooting them eye daggers so I popped my head up and said, 'I can hear you and it's rude and you're rude, but I will not engage your stupidity, I just hope one day when you're the odd person someone doesn't treat you like you just treated me,'" she wrote.

She added the woman started taking pictures of her with a phone but a fellow passenger took her side.

"[The] rude lady then starts snapping photos of me [but] a gentleman stands up and blocks her and says to me, 'Keep doing what you're doing. You're beautiful.'"

Read Gusty Winds' post below.