As troubadour and poet laureate Bob Dylan once sang, "the times, they are a changing."

Pornhub's largest erection to date, a 54-foot billboard in Times Square, got a hefty dose of saltpeter this week, when an area hotel complained about its suggestive, yet very PG-rated, message

Times Square, once home to theater marquees and billboards advertising film titles like "Sexeteers" and "Sex 5th Avenue" featuring an underage Traci Lords, turned its back Wednesday on the very industry that was once part of its rich heritage -- dirty movies.

That's right, Gotham, the tourists from middle America are now calling the shots for what's appropriate for the "crossroads of the world."

As reported by the Guardian, Internet porn giant, PornHub, first attempt at large-scale outdoor advertising was foiled this week when its big black billboard got rubbed out and removed from its Times Square location high above Seventh Avenue and West 47th Street, after being up only a few days.

Easy come, easy go.

The billboard measures 54 by 48 feet and featured the slogan, "All You Need is Hand," with a picture of two hands forming a heart shape. The ad, which was the winner of a competition for Pornhub's first non-pornographic online ad, was designed by Nuri Galver, an Istanbul-based copywriter.

AdWeek reports that Galver says his concept for the ad was a simple one: "Because our icon is a hand, our campaign will easily be integrated into any media. Because everyone has it or is familiar it. And they use it often in their daily life. So, with our effective insight, we will announce 'Pornhub' name to the whole world in a short time."

The short-lived billboard was launched on Monday morning with a performance of the Gotham Rock Choir singing the new ad slogan to the tune of The Beatles' classic. But as The Daily Dot points out, although the porn company had been approved for the ad and braved the contractual red tape, it was the Doubletree hotel and its General Manager that hosted the billboard space that took issue with the ad.

"It's unclear as to why the GM decided to voice her opinion that late in the game, so to speak" said Pornhub PR representative Mike Williams to The Daily Dot "[it]might have been the media attention, or she just had her own opinion of adult entertainment advertising that didn't sit well."

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